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Hear conversations better than ever, including television, movies and phone calls. If you have not seen a hearing aid specialist recently, make an appointment now and learn about advances in the industry that can help you hear better than ever.
From hearing aids and accessories to hearing aid repairs, we provide a complete range of services. Contact us now if you're noticing any symptoms of hearing loss. 
Speak to Jayne to schedule an appointment. We return all calls within one business day. 

Hearing Aids & Accessories

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If you suspect that you're missing out on conversations around you, contact Advantage Care Hearing Center of Faribault, MN for a FREE hearing exam. You’ll find a vast collection of digital hearing aids and accessories when you visit our office. Trust us for expert guidance on hearing aids.


Hearing Aids & Accessories

Wide Choices:

  • Full shell 

  • BTE (Behind the ear) 

  • Open fit BTE

  • CIC (Completely in the canal) 

  • ITC (In the canal) 


Useful Accessories: 

  • Batteries 

  • Bluetooth accessories (for better understanding while watching television or talking on a -Smartphone or Android.) 

  • Smartphones 

  • Tablets and more

Repairs & Services

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Hearing aids need to be maintained with periodic service. We'll clean and check your hearing aids to make sure they're performing at optimum level. Excellent customer service and fair prices are among the many benefits you'll get when you choose Advantage Care Hearing Center.

Hearing Aid Repairs & Services:

  • Hearing aid repairs

  • Hearing aid adjustments

  • Hearing aid programming

  • Hearing aid cleaning

  • Battery replacements

  • Custom earplugs

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